How to Copy and paste in linux

How to Copy and paste in linux - This new basic tips from linux fro windows. Now we will Copy and paste from one program to another program, ( your browser to a text editor, from one desktop to another, from a text editor to the console/terminal etc.etc. )
Just elect the text with your mouse ( this copies it automatically to the clipboard ) go to the other screen and push the wheel ( or middle button ) that pastes it.
So only two movements . . no context menu . . just select and paste.

The only exception is OpenOffice, there you will have to do in like you do it in Windows: select, rightclick, choose copy from the contextmenu, rightclick and paste it from the context menu.

Sure the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v work in Linux too

In most distro's you will find a clipboard next to the clock ( an orange icon with a K ) . . . it remembers the last 5 entries ( or more if you configure it that way ) . . . simply tick the entry you want to paste and pushing the wheel will paste that entry where you want it.

If you want to copy a full config file to a textfile that you can send as a mail-attachment, one command will do: ( example the lilo.conf file )

# cat /etc/lilo.conf >lilo.txt

This will put a text file in your /home directory by the name of lilo.txt

thank you and wait for other linux tips ^_^

Vi and Emacs

Vi and Emacs - The two most popular, powerful and “difficult” editors that you will find in every distro are Vi and Emacs. They both have “syntax-highlighting” to make writing code easy.


There are hundreds of commands for you, we will only touch upon the absolute minimum.

CODE : Vi $ tessst

Tessst open the file located in / home, if the file does not exist will be created.
It has 3 modes: command mode, insert mode and ex mode.
When you start vi starts in command mode. So first of all we must type "i" to put it in insert mode. Now you can type "swift brown fox etc"
After entering the text brings us back to <Esc> MODE command and save the file with ZZ. That's all we need to know from the beginning:. "I" to enter the command <Esc>, ZZ to save the file.

Some other commands for VI: (less important)
i = Insert text before the cursor
a = insert text after the cursor
: = Switch to ex-
$ = Go to last place on the line
^ = Go to first place on the line
w = next word
b = previous word
G = the last line of the file
20G = go to line 20
y = copy (copy Y3W = 3 words) (copy y3j = 4 lines)
p = pastes
d = cut
x = delete character under the cursor


Emacs is easy because these days have a GUI in modern distro, but we'll use the keyboard because it has more speed.

CODE : $ Emacs ssset

Will open or create a file in ssset / home
OK typing away, "etc. fast chocolate."
Do now to save the file: Ctrl + x, Ctrl + c, y
Well I say keep things simple!

Let tessst and ssset file on / home, in the next section that we can do some exercises with them.

Installing TeamViewer On 64 Bit Ubuntu 13:04

Installing TeamViewer On 64 Bit Ubuntu 13.04Before we practice on how to install TeamViewer in ubuntu, it would be nice if we read first what is team viewer ?.  TeamViewer is one of the applications that are widely used for business remote meremote. This application is very powerful, we are able to access the desktop in LAN and WAN network, without the need for complicated settings. We are also able to record the sessions running on the video to create documentation or tutorials. TeamViewer also allows multiple users to access a desktop at the same time. In addition, this application is also free to use for personal ends.

Download TeamViewer

In fact, this application does not work natively on Linux using Wine as an emulator of TeamViewer. So in fact we can install Windows applications on Linux. TeamViewer installer can be downloaded from the official site in here Team viewer official site. Distributions supported include:
The distributions for the installer are available for both 32-bit and 64-bit module Package DEB (Debian and Ubuntu) or RPM (RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, SuSE). As for the other distributions are provided in the form of installation tar.gz

Installing TeamViewer

Double-click the installer DEB. This action will automatically open the Ubuntu Software Center. You will see the information on this application. Click the Install button to start the installation of TeamViewer.

Enter the password for access to sudo.

The installation process requires several dependencies that may still be downloaded from the mirror. Use a mirror server in the country to make it faster.

execution of TeamViewer

Find TeamViewer uses dash, and then click to run it. Click I accept the license agreement for the approval of the license application.

Once the application is ready to be used for remote .

Other features of this application that is not less interesting is the encounter. We are able to conduct a meeting with colleagues from distant areas. The features that makes us have nothing to lose Installing TeamViewer On 64 Bit Ubuntu 13:04.

source hxxp://

Install LibreOffice in Fedora

Install LibreOffice in Fedora - The first step you should prepare is ammunition (libre Office), if you do not have please download LibreOffice in:

Then the next step to Install LibreOffice in Fedora extract the file.

create a schedule task in Linux

create a schedule task in Linux - I finally found the article too, called "crontab". This is the result of my quest to create a schedule task on linux. I myself do not know exactly how it works functionally.

 The following steps create a schedule task in Linux :



Remotely Windows OS from Ubuntu's

 Remotely  Windows OS from Ubuntu's - After a long search, and my study, how the heck a different way of remote computers the OS platform. Finally over and running normally. So in sum like I actually want to try another computer remotely using Windows OS from Ubuntu's new Linux install. Find an article here and there, especially via google (again stained) finally see the name vncserver

3 Step To Opening windows password with ubuntu

3 Step To Opening windows password with ubuntu - Forgotten is a problem commonly faced by mankind. If you forgot Windows login password, no way to recover it by using the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

Installing DNS Cache - pDNSd

Installing DNS Cache - pDNSd - DNS or DNS Proxy Cache same function as Squid-Cache however, works only for storing temporarily register the domain and IP nama2 banality we visit so saving time request that prompted the client to the ISP, and each request will be handled by the DNS server locally so it saves bandwidth.

make the DNS servers

make the DNS servers - Want make the DNS servers themselves?. This tutorial is made on the distro Ubuntu Server 8.04. Use
Ubuntu 8.04 itself is not without reason. This distribution is one that has been in the LTS version
maintenance for 3 years. Then just check if the package has been installed properly BIND9.
Keep in mind that the DNS Server in Ubuntu package can be selected when first installed.

Tar Utility on Linux

"Tar" is a utility developed by GNU Linux users to simplify backup and archive files, and compress for storage needs further. The utility is in almost all Linux distributions and has the ability to utilize different types of storage media.
Package files are archived with tar, also called tarballs, can usually be identified by the extension.

True Combat Elite on Ubuntu

True Combat Elite on Ubuntu - True Combat Elite (TCE) is a conversion of the game multiplayer game multiplayer game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. TCE is a tactical-team shooter games (like Counter Strike and Point Blank), by setting the modern-world environment. We play as an elite mercenary soldiers involved in the conflict between the two forces International.

10 FPS Games Cool In Ubuntu

10 FPS Games Cool In Ubuntu - These games FPS (First Person Shooter) which is worth a try. A number of games are available by default in the Ubuntu repositories. There also are not yet available deb package it like Cube 2: Sauerbraten. Overall all the games below are free.

Overcoming way Running In Low Graphics Mode

linux pictureOvercoming way Running In Low Graphics Mode. Dizziness every turn on the computer frequently appears this message "The System is Running In Low Graphics Mode"

How to Change Hostname Ubuntu Server

How to Change Hostname Ubuntu Server - Hi my friends have all had to know How to Change Hostname Ubuntu Server? Well on this occasion I will try to discuss how to How to Change Hostname Ubuntu Server.

How Make Partition With Clonezilla

linux picture
How Make Partition With Clonezilla - Clonezilla is a partition-based console or disk clone software similar to Symantec Ghost Corporate. Save and restore the blocks used on the hard drive.

Computer-aided design

Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of computer technology for the design of objects, real or virtual. Often refers to the (engineering drawings and images Engineer)

How to Build a vsftpd FTP Server with Ubuntu Server

linux ubuntuHow to Build a vsftpd FTP Server with Ubuntu Server - Transfer files by ftp service.
Vsftpd is an application to build a ftp server within the GNU / Linux under the GPL. For detailed information please go to Why vsftpd?

How to Format a flash in Ubuntu Desktop

linux for windows
linux for windows
How to Format a flash in Ubuntu Desktop - Sometimes confused if you want to format flasdisk on ubuntu desktop, well this time I wanted to share a little knowledge about How to Format a flash in Ubuntu Desktop. come on immediately wrote the following way:

How to See Ubuntu Version

How to See Ubuntu Version - Sometimes we just want to know ubuntu versions used our friends or ourselves wondering how the heck How to See Ubuntu Version. Well here's how:
Open the Terminal.
Type the following command: lsb_release-a

How to See Ubuntu Version

Securing your Linux server

Securing your Linux server is important to protect your data, your personal information, and time, from the hands of crackers (hackers). The administrator is responsible for security Linux box. In the first of a series of security of Linux server, will be addressed 20 security tips for default installation of Linux system.

Setting Static IP On Ubuntu Linux Server

Setting Static IP On Ubuntu Linux Server - At this time the long run linux operating system really enjoy doing by any person to be a system on a server. Maybe because linux itself more stable and more secure.

Basic Commands Linux

Basic Commands Linux . Just like when you type a command in DOS, the command line in Linux is also entered in the prompt that is in the shell and topped enter to execute the command. Shell is "Command Executive"

How to Disable Ping in Ubuntu

How to Disable Ping in Ubuntu. this time I would like to share on How to Disable Ping in Ubuntu. For security and fool the hackers. How to Disable Ping in Ubuntu is very useful. Now we just pick out How to Disable Ping On Ubuntu:

The linux directory

The linux directory. Good morning, this is the article 15 of the linux-for-windows. on this occasion about the linux directory. look good
/ "Root" -> Directories top of each directory that is (god linux)
/ bin ---> Contains file-2 function to run a linux binary

File Permissions in Linux

File Permissions in Linux

Files and directories in DOS or Windows attributes have attributes as follows: A (archive), H (Hidden / hidden), R (Read-only/hanya read), and S (System). and Linux Only H and R, while for hidden filename begins with a dot, and for the Read-only attribute set in the permissions.

Access monitor squid

access monitor squid
Perhaps we often monitor the Squid access to internet sites by looking at the file / var / log / squid / access.log. we usually do with:

# Tail-f / var / log / squid / access.log

Troubleshoot ubuntu desktop

Troubleshoot ubuntu desktop. Good morning, this article is about desktop ubuntu 12:04 which is used as a server to the RADIUS server all the packages are installed and when it will run squid3 emerging application error "Rather than invoking init scripts through / etc / init.d, use the service (8)
utility, e.g. service squid3 start

How to turn off Login Sound in BlankOn

How to turn off Login Sound in BlankOn. Good morning, this article is about BlankOn. How to turn off Login Sound in BlankOn 7 Pattimura. check this out.
 Find Prefrereces -then  Startup Application

Install Minitub on Linux

Install Minitub on Linux. Now we discuss about some software / applications in Linux. All Linux distributions can use the software / application.
Major software / application are: Minitube
Then just read more details below

Setting Date and Time on FreeBSD

Setting Date and Time on FreeBSD. Here's how to set up the date and time on the FreeBSD operating system, how to use the command format is yymmddhhmm yaa. Example of June 2, 2012 17:28 Hours

Audacious music player

Audacious music player
"Audacious", why? because this application if bolah I say "Winamp On Linux", because very similar interface tables.

installing program on linux

This is part 3 from installing program on linux
6. install packages in Slackware
install packages on slackware more easily just go to the root and then;
[Install - 'installpkg name> program.tgz>]
[Uninstall - 'removepkg name> program.tgz>]
or it could be used

install application on linux part 2

This is next page from install aplication on linux the number 3,4,5 can you read now. check this out :
3. install programs using apt-get default debian
In debian distro known danturunannya apt-get to install the program, but there is nothing more important than our current application is to set the source address list

Install Apllication On Linux

install applications on linux. Maybe it's a lot to know how to install programs on linux, but it's good to be me add my notes on this blog. Basically in linux has some kind of way to install the software and usually every distro has a different way of installing a program.
How to install programs on linux is divided into several parts;

Ubuntu on android

Ubuntu on android. The installation process was not so complicated, it appears only need three simple steps for Ubuntu ported to the Android smartphone. Like what ways Install Linux Ubuntu on Android smartphones, please note the geeks friends instantly video tutorials and step by step how to install Ubuntu Linux on Android Smartphone below.

How to create bootable windows 7 step 2

Hello this is next chapter from How to create bootable windows 7.  If you do not want to add the PPA repository, we are also able to download WinUSB (. Deb) here.

How to Make Windows USB Install (Bootable USB for Windows) with WinUSB:
1. Using WinUSB graphical (GUI).

How to create bootable windows 7

Can I create a bootable USB Windows 7, finally met with an app (tool) which serves to create a Bootable USB Windows 7 - of course, after surfing with Google -, ie WINUSB.
WinUSB is an application that makes it possible for us to create a Windows USB Install of Linux OS with just two clicks.

Install a Linux distro using Flash Disk

Install a Linux distro using Flash Disk. This time I will share about how to install a Linux distro using Flash Disk. For that there are some things that must be prepared ahead of time, namely:
1. Flash Disk (1GB minimum)
2. Linux Distro you want to install (in the form of ISO)
3. Universal USB Installer
Install Linux Using the Flashdisk