How to Disable Ping in Ubuntu

How to Disable Ping in Ubuntu. this time I would like to share on How to Disable Ping in Ubuntu. For security and fool the hackers. How to Disable Ping in Ubuntu is very useful. Now we just pick out How to Disable Ping On Ubuntu:

The linux directory

The linux directory. Good morning, this is the article 15 of the linux-for-windows. on this occasion about the linux directory. look good
/ "Root" -> Directories top of each directory that is (god linux)
/ bin ---> Contains file-2 function to run a linux binary

File Permissions in Linux

File Permissions in Linux

Files and directories in DOS or Windows attributes have attributes as follows: A (archive), H (Hidden / hidden), R (Read-only/hanya read), and S (System). and Linux Only H and R, while for hidden filename begins with a dot, and for the Read-only attribute set in the permissions.

Access monitor squid

access monitor squid
Perhaps we often monitor the Squid access to internet sites by looking at the file / var / log / squid / access.log. we usually do with:

# Tail-f / var / log / squid / access.log

Troubleshoot ubuntu desktop

Troubleshoot ubuntu desktop. Good morning, this article is about desktop ubuntu 12:04 which is used as a server to the RADIUS server all the packages are installed and when it will run squid3 emerging application error "Rather than invoking init scripts through / etc / init.d, use the service (8)
utility, e.g. service squid3 start

How to turn off Login Sound in BlankOn

How to turn off Login Sound in BlankOn. Good morning, this article is about BlankOn. How to turn off Login Sound in BlankOn 7 Pattimura. check this out.
 Find Prefrereces -then  Startup Application

Install Minitub on Linux

Install Minitub on Linux. Now we discuss about some software / applications in Linux. All Linux distributions can use the software / application.
Major software / application are: Minitube
Then just read more details below

Setting Date and Time on FreeBSD

Setting Date and Time on FreeBSD. Here's how to set up the date and time on the FreeBSD operating system, how to use the command format is yymmddhhmm yaa. Example of June 2, 2012 17:28 Hours

Audacious music player

Audacious music player
"Audacious", why? because this application if bolah I say "Winamp On Linux", because very similar interface tables.

installing program on linux

This is part 3 from installing program on linux
6. install packages in Slackware
install packages on slackware more easily just go to the root and then;
[Install - 'installpkg name> program.tgz>]
[Uninstall - 'removepkg name> program.tgz>]
or it could be used

install application on linux part 2

This is next page from install aplication on linux the number 3,4,5 can you read now. check this out :
3. install programs using apt-get default debian
In debian distro known danturunannya apt-get to install the program, but there is nothing more important than our current application is to set the source address list

Install Apllication On Linux

install applications on linux. Maybe it's a lot to know how to install programs on linux, but it's good to be me add my notes on this blog. Basically in linux has some kind of way to install the software and usually every distro has a different way of installing a program.
How to install programs on linux is divided into several parts;

Ubuntu on android

Ubuntu on android. The installation process was not so complicated, it appears only need three simple steps for Ubuntu ported to the Android smartphone. Like what ways Install Linux Ubuntu on Android smartphones, please note the geeks friends instantly video tutorials and step by step how to install Ubuntu Linux on Android Smartphone below.

How to create bootable windows 7 step 2

Hello this is next chapter from How to create bootable windows 7.  If you do not want to add the PPA repository, we are also able to download WinUSB (. Deb) here.

How to Make Windows USB Install (Bootable USB for Windows) with WinUSB:
1. Using WinUSB graphical (GUI).

How to create bootable windows 7

Can I create a bootable USB Windows 7, finally met with an app (tool) which serves to create a Bootable USB Windows 7 - of course, after surfing with Google -, ie WINUSB.
WinUSB is an application that makes it possible for us to create a Windows USB Install of Linux OS with just two clicks.

Install a Linux distro using Flash Disk

Install a Linux distro using Flash Disk. This time I will share about how to install a Linux distro using Flash Disk. For that there are some things that must be prepared ahead of time, namely:
1. Flash Disk (1GB minimum)
2. Linux Distro you want to install (in the form of ISO)
3. Universal USB Installer
Install Linux Using the Flashdisk