Setting Static IP On Ubuntu Linux Server

Setting Static IP On Ubuntu Linux Server - At this time the long run linux operating system really enjoy doing by any person to be a system on a server. Maybe because linux itself more stable and more secure. However, according to many linux configuration is complicated or boring for commands often use console / comand comand-specific. Well at the time of my writing this, I just wanted to share how the Static IP settings on ubuntu linux, especially ubuntu server. Jump  do as follows:
First log into the system as root or the user is already in sudoers.
Go to the ubuntu server network settings, type the following:

Once inside vi, press i to change the configuration. Type a configuration like this:

  Description: Adjust the configuration above with the needs you want.
In the configuration above shows the active device is eth1, then activate eth1 with the following command: ifconfig eth1 up


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