Vi and Emacs

Vi and Emacs - The two most popular, powerful and “difficult” editors that you will find in every distro are Vi and Emacs. They both have “syntax-highlighting” to make writing code easy.


There are hundreds of commands for you, we will only touch upon the absolute minimum.

CODE : Vi $ tessst

Tessst open the file located in / home, if the file does not exist will be created.
It has 3 modes: command mode, insert mode and ex mode.
When you start vi starts in command mode. So first of all we must type "i" to put it in insert mode. Now you can type "swift brown fox etc"
After entering the text brings us back to <Esc> MODE command and save the file with ZZ. That's all we need to know from the beginning:. "I" to enter the command <Esc>, ZZ to save the file.

Some other commands for VI: (less important)
i = Insert text before the cursor
a = insert text after the cursor
: = Switch to ex-
$ = Go to last place on the line
^ = Go to first place on the line
w = next word
b = previous word
G = the last line of the file
20G = go to line 20
y = copy (copy Y3W = 3 words) (copy y3j = 4 lines)
p = pastes
d = cut
x = delete character under the cursor


Emacs is easy because these days have a GUI in modern distro, but we'll use the keyboard because it has more speed.

CODE : $ Emacs ssset

Will open or create a file in ssset / home
OK typing away, "etc. fast chocolate."
Do now to save the file: Ctrl + x, Ctrl + c, y
Well I say keep things simple!

Let tessst and ssset file on / home, in the next section that we can do some exercises with them.

Installing TeamViewer On 64 Bit Ubuntu 13:04

Installing TeamViewer On 64 Bit Ubuntu 13.04Before we practice on how to install TeamViewer in ubuntu, it would be nice if we read first what is team viewer ?.  TeamViewer is one of the applications that are widely used for business remote meremote. This application is very powerful, we are able to access the desktop in LAN and WAN network, without the need for complicated settings. We are also able to record the sessions running on the video to create documentation or tutorials. TeamViewer also allows multiple users to access a desktop at the same time. In addition, this application is also free to use for personal ends.

Download TeamViewer

In fact, this application does not work natively on Linux using Wine as an emulator of TeamViewer. So in fact we can install Windows applications on Linux. TeamViewer installer can be downloaded from the official site in here Team viewer official site. Distributions supported include:
The distributions for the installer are available for both 32-bit and 64-bit module Package DEB (Debian and Ubuntu) or RPM (RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, SuSE). As for the other distributions are provided in the form of installation tar.gz

Installing TeamViewer

Double-click the installer DEB. This action will automatically open the Ubuntu Software Center. You will see the information on this application. Click the Install button to start the installation of TeamViewer.

Enter the password for access to sudo.

The installation process requires several dependencies that may still be downloaded from the mirror. Use a mirror server in the country to make it faster.

execution of TeamViewer

Find TeamViewer uses dash, and then click to run it. Click I accept the license agreement for the approval of the license application.

Once the application is ready to be used for remote .

Other features of this application that is not less interesting is the encounter. We are able to conduct a meeting with colleagues from distant areas. The features that makes us have nothing to lose Installing TeamViewer On 64 Bit Ubuntu 13:04.

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