Troubleshoot ubuntu desktop

Troubleshoot ubuntu desktop. Good morning, this article is about desktop ubuntu 12:04 which is used as a server to the RADIUS server all the packages are installed and when it will run squid3 emerging application error "Rather than invoking init scripts through / etc / init.d, use the service (8)
utility, e.g. service squid3 start

Since the script you are Attempting to invoke has been converted to an
Upstart job, you may also use the start (8) utility, eg start squid3
squid3 start / running, process 6561 ". while the command used to run the application is sudo/etc/init.d/squid3 start.
How to solution?. see below.
as suggested by the error message, try running with:
sudo start squid3
Troubleshoot ubuntu desktop

sudo service squid3 start

PS: This happens because the new Ubuntu versi new service management system, so the command to start / stop service to be changed. There are some who can still directly by calling the name of the script in / etc / init.d, no one should pass command service or start
Troubleshoot ubuntu desktop


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