Install LibreOffice in Fedora

Install LibreOffice in Fedora - The first step you should prepare is ammunition (libre Office), if you do not have please download LibreOffice in:

Then the next step to Install LibreOffice in Fedora extract the file.

Go to the extracted directory and do the following:

Go to the RPMS directory, install all rpm packages with the command:

  su-c 'yum install *. rpm'
The above command works to install the entire software package LibreOffice

Install LibreOffice in Fedora

Next we'll install the LibreOffice menu to the desktop

Go to desktop-integration directory, and then install again all rpm with command as follows:

  su-c 'yum install * redhat *. rpm'
It's finished, we are now able to enjoy LibreOffice in Fedora .


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