Install Apllication On Linux

install applications on linux. Maybe it's a lot to know how to install programs on linux, but it's good to be me add my notes on this blog. Basically in linux has some kind of way to install the software and usually every distro has a different way of installing a program.
How to install programs on linux is divided into several parts;

1. Compile and install programs from source
2. extension program to install RPMs from Red Hat Packet Manager
3. install programs using apt-get default debian
4. install the program on mandriva
5. install program in fedora using yum
6. install packages in Slackware
7. install binary file (. BIN /. SH)

Here I will write how how to install software on linux by category which I have grouped above;

1. Compile and install programs from source
Usually the application will be installed from source extension. "Tar.gz", ". Tar.bz2", ". zip ", and usually before installing the program there are some people who prefer to put those files before install in / usr / local / src / but this is not necessary can be placed anywhere. Get to the next stage begin to install, first open your terminal or command prompt and go directly to where you put the file, then do it, adapt it to your file extensions.
[Files with extension. Tar.gz ------> tar-xzvf name> file>]
[Files with extension. Tar.bz2 ------> tar-jxvf name> file>]
[Files with extension. Zipped ------> unzip name> file>]
after doing so the file will be extracted automatically create a folder, and then open the file with
[Cd name> file>]
The next step is to stay living doing pre-installation by writing
[. / Configure]
[Make install]
finished up here, but it's good before you read the installation program to install the program manually usually in the INSTALL or README.

2. extension program to install RPMs from Red Hat Packet Manager
To install the extension program is very easy to normally use this application on a redhat distro and its derivatives, the following way;
[Install program --- 'rpm-i name> file>]
[Uninstalling programs --- 'rpm-e name> file>]

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