Remotely Windows OS from Ubuntu's

 Remotely  Windows OS from Ubuntu's - After a long search, and my study, how the heck a different way of remote computers the OS platform. Finally over and running normally. So in sum like I actually want to try another computer remotely using Windows OS from Ubuntu's new Linux install. Find an article here and there, especially via google (again stained) finally see the name vncserver

Well I gave a tutorial to install it as follows: (Sorry if already stale ...)
 Remotely  Windows OS from Ubuntu's
linux @ ubuntu-machine: ~ # sudo apt-get install vncserver

 Remotely  Windows OS from Ubuntu'sWell if client side windows themselves, must be downloaded. Download the Freeware wrote. And when downloaded on the client install dech windows. Well fitting would finish he would ask for a password, it can also optionally be filled ... but better not let secure stocked.

Time to try:

linux @ ubuntu-machine: ~ # vncviewer
when mincul dialog enter the ip clients, eg
If asked for a password enter the password that was inputted on the client, and then enter.